Export solar bracket roll forming machine with punching and angle bar punching&cutting machine to Saudi arabia on 2020-12.

This machine can do C and U type by changing the roller position and blade,this machine with fast speed and stable function.

Many areas are now facing a serious energy crisis. The energy crisis will not only affect people’s quality of life, but also cause serious environmental problems due to excessive waste of energy. developing new energy and reducing energy consumption is a difficult problem that needs to be solved in modern society. The absorption and utilization of solar energy can effectively alleviate the energy crisis, because solar energy is inexhaustible and inexhaustible, people can absorb natural energy and utilize it in time by installing and using solar panels, and photovoltaic brackets can be used for fixed installation of solar energy panel, so this device plays a positive role in the development of the energy industry.In the impression of most people, the photovoltaic bracket is just a simple fixing device. Using this bracket to fix the solar panel can avoid problems such as deviation of the device due to the influence of other factors. In fact, this kind of bracket can not only achieve the purpose of fixing, but also can be adjusted flexibly according to the installation requirements of the solar panel.

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