Bigpower-Export Floor deck roll forming machine/roof panel forming machine&0.4-4mmx1300mm Cut to length & Slitting lines to Colombia.

Floor deck roll forming machine/corrugated roof panel forming machine&0.3-4mmx1300mm combined slitting&CTL machine are going to be delivery to Colombia customer.
We also exported Follow cutting deck roll forming machine is used to produce B deck and N deck by changing cassette structures, which are very popular in USA and Canadian market and are widely used roof deck.This steel deck roll forming machine can produce galvanized steel with thickness 0.7-1.5mm with the speed is up to 20m/min.This is also the new development of floor deck roll forming machine.

0.4mm-4mmx1300mm Cut to length & Slitting lines already finished after 120days produce time.Speed can attached 40m/min.This Slitting & Cutting-To-Length Lines is processed by uncoiler, longitudinal cutting, slitting,and recoiler, and the wide steel coil is processed into a dedicated cut to length equipment for the narrow steel coils required by customers.This combined CTL machine&coil slitting can slitting the coils into designated narrow coils and also can cut the coils into pieces by pieces,customer not only can save the space and also can save the labor,this is very economical line for customers whom not want to invested much in the early stage and want to do cut to length&coil slitting line both styles.

We already exported the coil slitting line&cut to length machine to Thailand,Korea,Colombia,Sudan,Dubai,Russia,Algeria,Honduras,Uzbekistan,India,

Mexico,Vietnam,Saudi arabia,Pakistan,Moldova etc.

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