0.3-3mmx1300mm high speed precision coil slitting line sold to USA on August.2023.

On 9th,August we delivery the 0.3-3mmx1300mm coil slitting line to USA customer.This is the second coil slitting line we sold to USA in this year.The line speed can attach to 150m/min with double blade base exchangeable produce.

Double blade base suitable for the customer whom want to slitting more sizes and high capacity,this can large improve the effeciency and output,save change blades and spacer time for customer,this change slitting base needs 3-4min can finished.

The metal slitting machine is a device that cuts the wide coils. The structure of the slitting machine consists of the uncoiler,the feeding positioning, the cutting blade, and the rewinding (winding line) and recoiler. Its main function is to cut the wide coils into a narrow size to prepare for other subsequent processing processes.

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