1600mmx4mm coil slitting line delivery to Poland on 27h,Oct.

Our team finished the 0.5-4mmx1600mm steel coil slitting machine and already  delivered to Poland,After slitting this coils,the coils will be used on the welding pipe machinery to different kinds of steel tubes.

It can process all kinds of hot rolled coil, silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, color plate, aluminum plate and all kinds of metal plates after electroplating or coating.This coil slitter composed of un-coiler,feeder, slitter and re-coiler.Its function is to slit a wide coil to stated width strips coil along with the length direction which can be used for milling, welding pipe,cold bend forming,stamping as billet.At same time, changing different material blades and shim can slit various metal coils.

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