BP150mm welding pipe machine are going to be deliveried.

Our BP150 model welding pipe machine already finished and going to be deliveried to domestic customer.Mainly suitable for industrial pipelines, it is widely used in various industries such as food pipelines,beverage factories,distilleries,natural gas,sewage treatment pipes,petroleum, ventilation pipes,construction, bridges,aviation, etc.This used plasma welding machine to welding,speed can attach to 0.2-2.0m/min.Pipe diameter Φ325-Φ508,thickness:3-10mm.

This welding pipe machine process:Hydraulic automatic uncoiler – Leveling shear butt welding machine – Power leveling guide – Forming welding section – Inner weld flattening device – Sealing box type weld

polishing section – Online black annealing machine – Sizing and straightening section – Automatic cutting machine – Finished product storage rack.

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