Vineyard stand roll forming machine

The vineyard stand rack roll forming machine is used to produced the grape stand to support the growth of grapes vines,also support grapevines to climb,grow and strengthen,it is not only plays a role in beautifying the environment,but also has many other functions.

The grape stand roll forming machine process:Uncoiler-63TPunching machine-Roll forming machine-Track cutting-Runout table.

We sold the vineyard post roll forming machine to Argentina,Spain,Chile,France,Canada,Pakistan etc countries.The punching machine can be hydraulic punching or merchnical press machine.raw material could be hot-rolled and cold rolled steel,hot-dip galvanized sheet,pre-Galvanized Steel,Carbon steel,Aluminum,Stainless Steel.We also can produced the CU channel,Solar bracket channel,slotted channel etc.This Vineyard post making machine can make few sizes in one machine, we produce 5 different sizes totally. we recommend burr-free saw cutting to reduce blade’s cost and changing blades time. If you want a non-stop cut, we could also turn this shear into flying one to increase working speed.

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