0.3-3mmx1600mm high speed coil slitting line

0.3-3mmx1600mm high speed coil slitting line are used for different sizes coils with different thickness to be slit into special strips as requirements.These products are for roll mill,HF tube mill, cold forming machines ,punching &press machines  etc. Raw material is CR material ,HR material , silicon steel, S.S steel ,Color steel, AL ,PPGI.

Composed of coil car-un-coiler – guiding &pinch device –slitter, side-guiding device –looping –tensioner –scrap –recoiler –recoil car etc .

Main Technical Parameter:

Type BP1.5X1300 BP2.5X1600 BP3.0X1600/1800 BP4.0X2000
Material Thickness

(Customized )

0.15~1.5 mm 0.2-2.5mm 0.3-3.0mm 0.5-4.0mm
Max Width

(Customized )

1300mm 1600mm 1800mm 2000mm
Max strips

(adjustable strips )

2-30strips 2-25 strips 2-20strips 2-15strips
Product precision ±0.1 ±0.1 ±0.1 ±0.1
Max Linea speed 300m/min 10-200(250)m/min 10-150(200)m/min 10-150(200)m/min
Max Coil Weight


15Tons 25Tons 30Tons 30Tons
Inner Diameter


Ф508 &Ф610mm Ф508 &Ф610mm Ф508 &Ф610mm Ф508&Ф610mm
Outer Diameter


Ф508 Ф508 Ф508 Ф508
Blade shaft

(adjustable according thickness)

Ф205mm Ф220mm Ф240mm Ф240mm

The Whole Line flowchart :

Coil-loading——Single-mandrel uncoiling——Coil-end-feeding & shoveling——Double-roller pinch feeding/three——roller leveling——End-cutting—-Hole Accumulator1——Strip-aligning—-Disk slitting——Scrap reeling——Hole Accumulator2——Pre-separator/Tensioner——Separating, Recoiling——Coils-discharging——Hydraulic control—Electric control



0.3-3mmx1600mm Automatic High-Precision Slitting Machine
1 Raw material CR material,HR material,silicon steel,S.S steel,Color steel, AL ,PPGI.Silicon steel sheet.
2   Leveling width 1600mm
3 Thickness 0.3mm-3mm
4 Max line speed ≤0-150/min, stop shear
5 Total power of the line  About200Kw.
6 Occupation area of the line  25m Length x 9m Width.
7 COIL ID Ф460-Ф-Ф762mm.
8 COIL OD Ф2100mm.
9 Precision of slitting width tolerance  ±0.03mm
10  Length  2000mm-12000mm.
11 Coil weight 20000kgs.
12 Centerline height 800mm.
13 Slitting blades: D205mmxd305mmxT15
14 Min slitting width ≥30mm
15 Slitting blade quantity  30 pcs
16 Power supply  380V 50Hz,3Ph or 440V,60Hz,3ph

0.3-3mmx1600mm whole coil slitting line components: