0.3mm-3mmx1600mm Rotary Flying-Shear Cut-To-Length Line

The Rotatory Flying-Shear Cut-To-Length Line is mainly used for CR, S,S ,Al material ,precision leveling and cutting products .Special advantage will not stop to cut which avoid micro – indentation by stop to cut .It is applicable for high precision aluminum plate ,mirror S.S plate ,ect… with short cutting length product .

The Cut To Length Machine also called cut to length line which are used for uncoiling,leveling and cutting the metal coil into the required length of flat sheet material and stacking.

Main Technical Parameter :

Type Thickness


Max Width


Linear speed Max cutting pcs


Leveling Precision Cutting Precision Coil weight
BP2x1300 0.2-2.5mm 1300mm 0-80m/min >150pcs ≤0.3mm ≤±0.50mm/2M 25Ton
BP3X1600 0.3-3.0mm 1600mm 0-80m//min 150pcs ≤0.3mm ≤±0.50mm/2M 30Ton

The whole line flowchart

Coil loading car—-Decoiler—-coil head press, guide and shovel equipment—-Double pinch rollers—Centre aligner—-high-precision levelers( 23 rolls)—encoder —-hydraulic tracking cutting machine–pinch rolls for sheets dropping– plates-delivering roll table—-plates sending out device—-plates supporting table—plates piling up device–manual packing|


                                                0.3-3mmx1600mm rotary cut to length line
1 Raw material HR normal carbon steel: S275JR.hot rolled carbon steel coil.
2 Coil width 500-1600mm
3 Thickness 0.3-3mm
4 Max line speed ≤100m/min, rotary cutting.
5 Leveling Precision ≤0.3mm
6 Cutting Precision ≤±0.50mm/2M
7 COIL ID Φ100mm-Φ520mm(Φ100mm,400mm,500mm)
8 COIL OD Ф1200mm.
9 Diagonal length tolerance ±0.5mm/2000mm
10 Length tolerance: ±0.5mm/2000mm
11 Leveling accuracy :±0.5mm/㎡
12  Length  2000mm-12000mm.
13 Coil weight 25000kgs
14 Max cutting pcs




0.3-3mmx1600mm Automatic rotary shear machine whole line