0.4mm-2.5mmx1500 Simple coil slitting and cutting line

0.4mm-2.5mmX1500mm simple hydraulic slitting line is used for uncoiling, slitting,cut to length and recoiling the steel plate to prepare for the next process.Bigpower industry is a professional manufacturer of production lines of like steel coils leveling machines, cut-to-length lines and longitudinal slitting machines with finished products that are widely used in the metal forming,welding pipe machine,sheet stamping and roll forming machines industries for many well-known industrial and we exported to many countries and regions such as Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. It is well received by users at home and abroad.

Main Technical parameter :

     Type Thickness Range Max Thickness Max Coil Weight Min strip


Strips No Max Linea Speed    Blade shaft  


BP3×1600 0.3-3.0mm 1600/1800mm 30T ≥20mm 5-30 0-250m/min Ф240
BP4×1600 0.5-4.0mm 1600/1800mm 30T ≥30mm 3-30 0-150m/min Ф240
BP6×1600 1.0-6.0mm 1800/2000mm 30T ≥40mm 5-20 0-80m/min Ф260
BP8×2000 2.0-8.0mm 1800/2000mm 40T ≥70mm 5-20 0-50m/min Ф300
BP10×2200 3.0-10.0mm 2000/2200mm 40T ≥80mm 5-18 0-40m/min Ф320
BP12×2200 3.0-12.0mm 2000/2200mm 40T ≥100mm 5-20 0-30m/min Ф320
BP16×2500 4.0-16.0mm 2000/2500mm 40T ≥100mm ≤5 0-20m/min Ф400
BP20×2500 6.0-20.0mm 2200/2500mm 40T ≥100mm ≤4 0-20m/min Ф480

Flowchart :

Coil car loading — single head uncoiling—Strip-aligning — leveling–Disc slitting — overpassing table and loop pit—Pre-separator—tensioner-encoder — shearing machine– & Recoiling——Coils-discharging——Hydraulic control——Electric control.


NO. Name Unit Parameters
1 Control model Frequency conversion control
2 Materials Galvanized steel/HR/CR
3 Thickness mm 0.4-2.5mm
4 Width mm 1500
5 Coil I.D. mm 480-520
6 Coil O.D. mm ≤1600
7 Weight T 6
8 Slitting blade shaft mm Φ200
9 Blade specification mm Φ340×Φ200×15
10 Material of blade 6CrW2Si
11 Slitting line speed m/min ≤40
12 Cut to length speed m/min ≤20
13 Straightening power KW 30
14 Power of slitter KW 45
15 Power of recoiler KW 55
16 Quantity of strips (Max) pcs 2.5mm, 6pcs
17 Width tolerance ≤±0.05 mm
18 Length tolerance ±1 mm
19 Voltage 380V/3Ph/50HzCustomized
20 Operation people 1 technician and 2 general worker

0.4-2.5mmx1500 Simple slitting and cutting line components: