(0.5mm-3.0mm)×1500mm High-precision Combined Cut-To-Length&coil slitting line

(0.5mm3.0mm)×1500mm High-precision Combined Cut-To-Length & coil Slitting Line

This series line is used for CR&HR coil .Composed of uncoil ,pinch& guider, looping bridge , side guider ,slitting head ,scrap winder precision leveler ,cut to length machine , stacker etc  as well as pendulum middle plate, steering device.This combined line not only can slitting but also can horizontal cutting the coils into pieces,this is much economical and save space production line and this is very popular production line in recent years.

Main Technical Parameter :

Type Thickness Max Width Range Coil Weight Leveling precision Cutting precision Linea Speed
BP6x2000mm 1.0-6.0mm 2000mm 35Ton ≤1 mm/ m2 ≤±0.8 mm/2m 80m/min
BP12x2200mm 2.0-12.0mm 2200mm 40Ton ≤1.5 mm/ m2 ≤±1 mm/2m 30m/min
BP16X2200mm 4.0-16.0mm 2200mm 40Ton ≤1.5 mm/ m2 ≤±1 mm/2m 24m/min


Technology flowchat:

From right to left, they are Uncoiler + coil carPress and pinch device —Looper — Side guide device — slitter + Scrap winder— Straightener—Hydraulic cutter — lifting table — Tension stand—Recoiler +coil car.


    (0.5-3.0)×1500mm High-precision Combined Cut-To-Length & Slitting Line
1 Raw material Galvanized steel coil,SS,PPGI,Galvalume.
2   Leveling width 500mm-1500mm
3 Thickness 0.5~3.0mm
4 Max line speed Max slitting speed:80m/min

Max cut to length speed:60m/min

5  Blade D330×d220×T10mm
7 COIL ID Φ508mm-Φ760mm
8 COIL OD Φ800-Φ2100mm
9 width accuracy ±0.20mm
10  Camber on strips 0.3mm/m
11 Coil weight 20000kgs.
12 Precision in length ≤±0.50mm/m
13 Precision in diagonal length ≤±1.0mm/m
14 Leveling precision ≤1.5mm/m2
15 Power supply  380V 50Hz,3Ph or 440V,60Hz,3ph
16 Motor power 200Kw.
17 Weight 50Ton.
18 Cutting length 1000mm—12000mm

Cut-To-Length & Slitting Line components:

1) Hydraulic coil-loading car

2) Single Mandrel uncoiler with central aligning

3) Coil-head press guide device

4) double pinch rolls & 15-roller Leveler with coil-head shoveler(2+15rollers leveling)

5) first pit accumulator (1)

6) Side guide before slitter

7) Slitter

8) Edge scrap reeler

9)Second pit accumulator 2

10) Pre-separator & Tensioner

11)Recoiler with Separator press bracket

12) side guide before length fixing

13)Pair of double rolls Servo length fixer

14) Pneumatic stop shearer

15) Conveyor belt

16) Pneumatic sheet piling-up bracket

17) Hydraulic Up-down sheet arraying platform

18) Sheets output car

19) Hydraulic system, Pneumatic system

20) Electric control system