4mm-16mmx2000mm High speed cut to length line

This 4mm-16mmx2000mm  Cut to length line is used for HR coil(0.5mm-28mm) with different specifications, through uncoiling-leveling-cut to length to flattened plate as needed length.Composed of coil car, double support un-coiler, hydraulic pressing and guiding, shovel head, pre-leveler, finish leveler, cut to length machine, stacker, accompany electric control system, hydraulic system, etc. as well as pendulum middle plate, steering device.

The processed materials for cutting can be galvanized steel, pre-painted steel,stainless steel,hot rolled or cold rolled steel as well aluminum coils,silicone steel and so on .The cutting product will be used widely in the forming machines industry,transformer making industry,electronics and the building materials

This whole production line is highly automatic with good straightening effect, precising cutting, efficient production, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance.

Main Technical Parameter :

Type BP6x2000 BP8x2200 BP10x2000 BP12x2200 BP16x220 BP20X2200
Thickness Range


1-6mm 2-8 mm 2-10mm 3-12mm 4-16mm 6-20mm
Max Width Range


2000mm 2000mm 2200mm 2200mm 2200mm 2500mm
Cutting Length


500-6000mm 600-8000mm 600-10000mm 800-12000mm 800-12000mm 800-12000mm
Cutting precision ±0.5mm ±1mm ±1mm ±1mm ±1mm ±1mm
Coil Weight

( Customized)

35Ton 35Ton 40Ton 40Ton 40Ton 40Ton
Roller Diameter


Ф140 Ф155 Ф160 Ф180 Ф200 Ф230

The Whole Line flowchart  :

V saddle coil support, Coil-loading—Uncoiling—coil-head press & feeding, straightening—strip-shoveling & prying device—-Pinch-feeding & preliminary-leveling machine—-Strip-transiting table —-Position-guide—-Fine leveling— code length-fixing — transverse shearing—plates discharging


                                           4mm-16mmx2000mm High speed cut to length line
1 Raw material HR normal carbon steel: S275JR.hot rolled carbon steel coil.
2   Leveling width 500mm~2100mm.
3 Thickness 4-16mm.
4 Max line speed ≤20m/min, stop shear, 2pcs per minute for 6m steel plate.
5 Total power of the line  About380Kw.
6 Occupation area of the line  40m Length x 10m Width.
7 COIL ID Ф508-Ф762mm.
8 COIL OD Ф2000mm.
9 Length accuracy ±1.5mm(L=2000mm)
10 Diagonal accuracy  ±1.5mm(L=2000mm)
11 Leveling accuracy +/-1.5mm/m2.
12  Length  2000mm-12000mm.
13 Cutting pcs 6pcs/min.
14 Coil weight 35000kgs.
15 Centerline height 800mm.

16mmx2000mm cut to length machine sold to Jordan customer.