1mm-12mmx2200mm high precision coil slitting line

1mm-12mmx2200mmhigh precision coil slitting line. used for different sizes coils with different thickness to be slit into special strips as requirements . Products can be used for rolling, welded pipe, cold bending, stamping and other materials.It can process all kinds of hot rolled coil, silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, color plate, aluminum plate and all kinds of metal plates after electroplating or coating.Composed of un-coiler, feeder, slitter and re-coiler. Its function is to slit a wide coil to stated width strips coil along with the length direction which can be used for milling, welding pipe, cold bend forming, stamping as billet. At same time, changing different material blade can slit various metal coils.

Main Technical parameter :

Type Thickness Range Max Thickness Max Coil Weight Min strip


Strips No Max Linea Speed Blade shaft
BP3×1600 0.3-3.0mm 1600/1800mm 30T ≥20mm 5-30 0-250m/min Ф240
BP4×1600 0.5-4.0mm 1600/1800mm 30T ≥30mm 3-30 0-150m/min Ф240
BP6×1600 1.0-6.0mm 1800/2000mm 30T ≥40mm 5-20 0-80m/min Ф260
BP8×2000 2.0-8.0mm 1800/2000mm 40T ≥70mm 5-20 0-50m/min Ф300
BP10×2200 3.0-10.0mm 2000/2200mm 40T ≥80mm 5-18 0-40m/min Ф320
BP12×2200 3.0-12.0mm 2000/2200mm 40T ≥100mm 5-20 0-30m/min Ф320
BP16×2500 4.0-16.0mm 2000/2500mm 40T ≥100mm ≤5 0-20m/min Ф400
BP20×2500 6.0-20.0mm 2200/2500mm 40T ≥100mm ≤4 0-20m/min Ф480


1mm-12mmx2200mm high precision coil slitting line whole line flowchart :

Coil loading car—-Decoiler—-loop pit 1-center aligner—–slitting machine–waste scrap winder-loop pit 2—–pre-separator—–tensioner—–pressing separator—–recoiler—–manual packing-Unloading coil car.


1mm-12mmx2000mm Automatic High-Precision Slitting Machine
1 Raw material HR material  YS<350Mpa
2   Leveling width 600mm-2200mm
3 Thickness 2mm-12mm
4 Max line speed 0-30m/min (synchro cutting); 0-50m/min(pulling cutting)
5  Blade Φ320xΦ480x25mm
6 Occupation area of the line  25m Length x 9m Width.
7 COIL ID Φ508mm&Φ610mm&Φ760mm
8 COIL OD Φ800-Φ2100mm
9 Min strip width 100mm
10 Slitting strip 2-6mm thickness 13 strips;7-9mm thickness 8 strips, 10-12mm thickness 6 strips;
11 Coil weight 30000kgs.
12 Slitting tolerance(width) ±0.1mm
13 Slitting blades: 22pcs
14 Min slitting width ≥30mm
15 Power supply  380V 50Hz,3Ph or 440V,60Hz,3ph

1mm-12mmx2200mm high precision coil slitting line: