BP16/BP25/BP32/BP45 High frequency Welding pipe machine

BP16/BP25/BP32/BP45 High frequency welding pipe machine consists of Uncoiler-cut&butt welding machine-Accumulator-Leveling-roll forming-Welding&Planing

scar-Cooling-Shaping-Speed meter-Straighter-Cut size.We provide ideal solution to manufacture different shapes pipes and materials.shapes: round pipe, square & rectangle tubes, oval tube, abnormity tubes;Materials: Galvanized steel pipe, black pipe, high strength steel pipe, aluminum & copper & alloy pipes, stainless steel tube, seamless steel pipes etc.Bigpower can supply: Carbon Steel Pipe Making MachineGalvanized Pipe Mill LineBlack Pipe Mill Line, High Strength Steel Pipe Production Line, Aluminum Tube Mill Line, Alloy Tube Mill Line, Seamless Steel Cladding Calcium Wire Line, Direct Square Tube Mill Line, Big Size Tube Mill Line, Industrial Stainless Steel Tube Mill Line etc.




1 Outer diameter  Φ12.7mm~Φ50.8mm,10*10-40*40
2 Wall thickness Δ0.4mm~2.0mm,square pipe:≤1.5mm
3 Speed 20M/min~110M/min
4 Length 4M~12M
5 Max coil weight ≤2000kg
6 Uncoiler OD:Φ800~1500mm     ID:Φ450~550mm
7 Horizontal accumulator Diameter:4.2m,feeding speed:180m/min.
8 Forming unit 7roller straightening+8horizontal rollers+9rollers vertical rollers
9 Sizing unit 5horizotal rollers+5vertical rollers
10 Cutting saw Computer hot cutting saw or Cold fly saw cutting.
11 Total power About 290 KW
12 Occupy L35M×W4.5M

Welding pipe machine components:

Technical form of HF welding pipe machine:(this is only for reference,we can design according to different customer requirement).

Model Diameter Wall thickness Square pipe(mm) Speed(m/min) Rectangle pipe Pipe Length
BP16 Φ8mm-Φ25mm δ0.2mm~1.0mm 8×8-20×20(0.3-0.8mm) 30-130 6×10mm-15×25mm 4m-6m
BP25 Φ8mm-Φ32mm δ0.4mm~1.3mm 8×8-25×25(0.4-1.0mm) 40-140 6×10mm-20×30mm 4m-6m
BP32 Φ13mm-Φ40mm δ0.5mm~1.8mm 10X10-30X30(0.5-1.4mm) 40-150 10×20mm-20×40mm 4m-6m
BP32-50 Φ13mm-Φ50mm δ0.5mm~1.8mm 10×10mm-40×40mm(0.5mm-1.4mm) 30-100 10×20mm-30×50mm 4m~8m
BP45 Φ13mm-Φ50.8mm 0.4mm~2.3mm 12×12mm-40×40mm(0.6-1.6mm) 30-110 10×14mm-30×50mm 4m~6m