Direct forming HF welded pipe production line

Direct forming HF welded pipe production line adopt the combined roller and panel construction.One set of roller can cover most of the sizes and share 90% of the roller.The roller adopting the panel construction contact with the strip deformation region.Which can reduce the area.the friction and power consumption of forming roller.At the same time it can save about 5% raw material.

1.Roll Sharing: One set of rolls for all pipe sizes. Reduce roll cost up to 90%;

2.One-click change: Automatic size changing using servo control system. Ready by one-click.

3.Rapid adjustment: Size changing in 8 minutes. Reduce adjustment time up to 90%;

4.Save labor: Low labor intensity. Need only 2 workers for size changing.

5.Save material: Reduce at least 5% raw material.

Flow chat:Storage coil-Coil feeding-Uncoiler-Feeding&leveling-Straightening-Butt welding&cutting-Pinching&reverse-Accumulator-Reverse-Forming-High frequency welding-Delete out burrs-Weld leveling-Cooling-Sizing-Straightening-Length cutting-Collection.


1 Outer diameter 80x80mm~200mmx200mm
2 Wall thickness 3.5mm~10.0mm
3 Speed 0-35m/min
4 Coil width 320mm-800mm
5 Max coil weight ≤16000kg
6 Uncoiler OD:Φ1200~1600mm ID:Φ500mm~Φ600mm
7 Turkey head 2sets.
8 Cutting saw Computer hot cutting saw
9 Total power About 1250KW
10 Raw material Q195,Q235,Q355
11 Square pipe 80×100-150×250
12 Machine dimension 160mx43m

Technical form of HF welding pipe machine:(this is only for reference,we can design according to different customer requirement).

Model Wall thickness Square pipe(mm) Speed(m/min) Rectangle pipe
BP100 1.5mm~5.0mm 40×40-100×100 20~70 30×50mm-80×120mm
BP150 2mm~6.0mm 70×70mm-150×150mm 20~60 60×80mm-100×200mm
BP200 2.5mm-8.0mm 80×80-200×200 10~40 80×100mm~160×180mm
BP300 4.5mm-12mm 120X120-300×300 12-30 80×100mm-150×250mm
BP400 6.0~16.0 200×200~400×400 12-25 200×250-350×450
BP500 8.0-20.0 250×250-500×500 0-20 250×300-450×550