Stainless Steel Welding Pipe Machine

Shanghai Bigpower mainly manufacturing decorative& industrial high frequency steel tube welding machine.

Stainless Steel Welding Pipe Machine production process:

Single or double side uncoiler-leveing section-forming section-welding stage-online inside weld bead remove section-outside welding bead grind section-first sizing section-in line annealing section-final sizing section and straightening section-nondestructive testing-making strage-fixed length-cut off-endproduct upload stage.
Production capacity:0-20 m/min
Welder type: Ultrasonic Welding machine
Cutting stage: Metal saw cutting stage/abrasive saw cutting
Material:Our pip making machine can make Stainless steel,Carbon steel,Copper,Iron,MS, GI,Aluminium etc.
Application: Mainly used for decoration, products, appliances stainless steel pipe and carbon steel (round tube, square tube, shaped tube) production. This Steel Pipe making machine with high accuracy, stable performance,High yield,fully automated, simple operation,Continuous production, high efficiency,Less material waste, low production costs,More than 10 years’ lifespan, durable machine.All mechanical parts are processed by high precise CNC center, in order to make all spare parts standardization and uniform
Mainly used for production,industrial products,appliances stainless steel and carbon steel tube,Erw pipes,Titanium pipes(round tube,square tube,special tube).

Product advantages:

Professional material:its appearance is made up of superior stainless steel engineering material,having the advantage of durability.Precise structure:it uses high-tech the design of elaborate motor structure,having the advantage of stable performance,energy conservation and environment protection.Easy operation:its humanization design of operating system makes

it have the advantage of learn ability and easy operation.

Quality assurance:the products have passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification,having the advantage of high quality and prestige.


Technical data form:

The Diameter Of The Tube Ranges From 6mm To 325mm And Thickness Is 0.2mm To 12mm.round pipe, square pipe, rectangle pipe, oval pipe and other irregular pipe as well.

Model Horizontal shaft size Vertical shaft size Outer diameter range Thickness Drive motor Dimension
BP-25 30 20 Φ5-Φ25 0.25-1mm 5.5kw 19.5mx1m
BP-40 40 25 Φ9.5-Φ50.8 0.25-2.0mm 7.5kw 21mx1.3m
BP-40L 40 25 Φ12.7-Φ63.5 0.25-2.0mm 11kw 22.5mx1.1m
BP-50 50 30 Φ25.4-Φ76.2 0.4-2.5mm 15kw 24mx1.2m
BP-60 60 40 Φ50.8-Φ114 0.7-3.0mm 18.5kw 26mx1.4m
BP-70 80 50 Φ76-Φ168 1.0-4.0mm 36.5kw 32mx2.3m
BP-100 100 70 Φ114-Φ219 1.5-4.5mm 45kw 43mx3m



1 Pipe range (mm) Φ5-Φ219
2 Thickness(mm) 0.5-2.0mm,1.0-5.0mm
3 Welding speed M/min 0-20m/min
4 Speed adjust


Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation
5 Voltage 220V/380V/440V,60hz,3P
6 Main motor 13KW-44KW
7 Cutting machine


Automatic grinding wheel (metal circular saw) cutting machine
8 Layout



P : Uncoiler ,W:feeding ,D:zinc removal device , V:vertical,H:Horizontal,BX:zinc spraying, □:grinding, X: turkey head

9 Reducer


Worm gear WPSA80,brand:Famous brand.
10 Material


Galvanized coil,CRC,stainless steel,carbon steel,Alloy metal,Titanium
11 Pipe length ≤20M/min

Machine details:

Stainless Steel Welding Pipe Machine delivery photos: