BIGPOWER-Shelf rack plate roll forming machine sold to India.

Shelf rack plate roll forming machine is mainly used to produce the shelf rack panels components.This Supermarket shelf panel forming machine mainly used in warehouses, supermarkets,shopping malls,display,display goods,such as one of the light shelf components.This shelf rack panel is flexible and convenient,simple and economical costs,it can be installed and disassembled quickly.

This shelf upright rack roll forming machine can produce with different raw materials like:hot-dip galvanized steel,pre-galvanized steel,hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel,stainless steel and aluminum.Thickness range of material is 0.7mm-1.2mm.You could set up many different width for shelf rack panels.

The Storage Rack Roll Forming Machine  is mainly used for the production of storage racks. The steel sheet material is unfolded,levelled,perforated,continuously roll formed and automatically cut to length. For the processing of different types of profiles we offer the Shelf Back Layer Roll Forming Machine, the Shelf Bracing Roll Forming Machine, the Rack Roll Forming Machine, the Shelf Stud Roll Forming Machine Machine, Shelf Upright Column Roll Forming Machine and other different cold-forming machines.

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