High precision stainless welding pipe machine delivery on December.

Our stainless welding pipe machine which make water pipe deliveried on December.The water pipe sizes make from 50.8mm-127mm,thickness0.5-3.0mm,speed:0-10m/min,the material is stainless steel and carbon steel.

The universal stainless steel welded pipe production line is mainly used for the production of stainless steel pipes and carbon steel (round pipes, square pipes, and irregular pipes) for

decoration, products, and household appliances.

INDUSTRIAL STAINLESS STEEL PIPE WELDING MACHINE process:Through continuous forming processes such as uncoiling, marking,forming,welding, polishing, sizing and straightening, sizing, cutting, and receiving materials.

The stainless steel pipe making machine production line manufactured by has a fine structure and is easy to operate.

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